Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SUMMER DAYS! (Limited Time ONLY)

Bringing a little bit of Chicago to Rochester.  Take a nice walk on a 80 degree day, running errands, with an adult Capri Sun...

Unlimited entertainment.  The neighbors are chopping down/trimming a bunch of trees.  I've never seen such creative use of a chainsaw before.

FINALLY!  Megan walking Scout through Linear Park for the first time on my commute to work.  This was a really big weekend for Scout with all the walks and all.  With the warm sun out, she discovered that she does like going outside now. 

Megan and Scout along Irondequoit Creek.   

Heaven is sitting on the porch chewing a stick 

 A good place to cool off and hide from Megan's scary rake.

This was a good weekend.

Time to rest now that winter is coming back...

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