Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It Almost Kinda Feels Like It Might Be Spring

Anyone in the market for a good Elvis lamp?  There was a good one at the public market garage sale this past weekend...

Some good stuff, but didn't really find anything we wanted.  Maybe next time...

 Megan and I went to go support a friend participating in the Flower City Challenge Half-Marathon. (http://www.flowercitychallenge.com/)

Here's a kid giving fives to runners as they enter the gates to Mt. Hope Cemetery.


"Ugh, I wouldn't wanna run up that."

The gazebo and gatehouse for the cemetery

A cobblestone hill doesn't seem like the ideal road to run a marathon on.  We were very close to seeing dozens of broken ankles.

Drums and bagpipes are an interesting way to pump up runners.  I liked it though.

Scout really likes the runners and was disappointed we didn't let her race.

Had some work to do at the Abbott's in Bushnell's Basin.  Megan liked it because it was a good excuse for ice cream.

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