Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Clowns + Katie + Rachel = Hashtag Awesome

Many of you have seen this already, but...  Megan balancing on a clown's face while he was lying in broken glass.  True story about the kickoff to the Rochester Fringe Festival at the Spiegeltent.  

Clown: "Now, stand on his ear."
Megan: "Do I have to?"
Clown: "Yes, right between here and here on his head...  Both feet"
Megan: "BOTH FEET!?!?!"
Clown: "Yep.  There you go."
Megan: "Ewww.  No!  I don't like it..."

Outside of the Spiegeltent

Megan and Rachel at Irondequoit Creek hiking around looking for seeds from plants we like. Such a pretty smile.

"Excuse me waiter, but I ordered the large beer."  I didn't expect a Super Mugs like the ones at the Mutiny in Chicago.  Anyway, Katie came to visit us on a very rainy weekend.  We are enjoying our beverages at the Monte Alban (http://www.montealbangrill.com/) just in case you want a really large beer. 

I missed out on breakfast at Steve's...  At least there were some left over Snicker pancakes with a drawing when I got home.  

Not much else to report on... 

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