Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Wedding In the Woods

CONGRATS TO MIKE AND ROSE!  You're married and Megan and I are so honored to have been there to see it!

First things first.  Getting re-baptized in Muskegon Lake

 Boat entering Muskegon Lake from the canal connecting to Lake Michigan 

Catamarans along the beach

Lighthouse on Lake Michigan at Pere Marquette Beach Park

Looking toward the Coast Guard station


Life size graffiti. 

Lake Express car ferry heading back to Milwaukee

Burcos Tacos (http://www.burcostacos.com/) in the old K-Mart plaza in Norton Shores.  I really liked the Thai and Old School tacos.  Dirt cheap.  Might have to buy the franchise rights and put one in down the street from me.

old acrylic painting from high school of the street I stayed on in Heidelburg, Germany

A pastel of some guy I did for some project.  Hope that helps...

Lake Harbor Park beach.  


The ladies watching the sun set

 A couple of the restored buildings on Western Avenue in downtown Muskegon.  Some nice little shops in the Century Building and the most hand crafted coffee I've ever had from Drink Drop Drink Coffee

Muskegon Proud mural 

An explanation of the history of snowboarding in Muskegon for the pics below

The Turning Point sculpture

The original Snurfer at the museum down on Western Avenue.

"Muskegon; Together Rising" a.k.a. "the can opener" 

Buster Keaton sculpture

Hackley Library 

Glass floor in the Hackley Library

 windows in the Hackley Library

The Hackley & Hume Home Museum (http://www.muskegonmuseum.org/hackley_hume.html).  Megan and I had some time to kill between errands and decided to check it out.  Charles Hackley (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Hackley) is pretty much the reason why Muskegon, Michigan exists at all and Thomas Hume was his partner.

Thomas Hume's Home

The barn they shared

awesome coat tree.  The next batch of photos is the interior of the Hackley House.


Living room

Pretty amazing stenciling on the ceiling of the entire house.

not a bad dining room buffet

The modern kitchen.

This is just the hallway...

I guess if you are a lumber baron, it's not a bad idea to have everything in the house carved in wood.

And now for the interior of the Hume Home

Brunswick pool table made in Muskegon.  Kinda sad to see since I saw they just tore down the old Brunswick factory.


Monet Garden 

Little Lily Pond

Frauenthal Theatre 


 Megan trying her first Wet Burrito at the Station (http://www.stationgrill.com/)

Downtown Manistee waiting for our hotel room and getting ready for the wedding. 


Mike waiting for his bride

Here comes the bride: Rose!


Now that is a steak

food and reception tent

Post-wedding ride on the bike


Alice and I 

Andrew watching Matt and Nick 

Dustin and Cliff 

This was only the start 

TENNESSEE!!!  You're no longer a puppy...

Shots on the dance floor 

Frances and I in our obligatory "ugly shot."

Angela and Noah

Detroit-style pizza from Jet's (http://jetspizza.com/).  Thanks Lisa 

Niagara Falls.  A great place to stretch your legs between Muskegon MI,  and Rochester, NY.  This is the Horseshoe Falls.

Lots of mist

American and Bridal Veil Falls

Lots of tourists with the city in the background.

Horseshoe falls with a suspicious lady.

Maid of the Mist looking for trouble.

Well, it's been a very busy week and a half.  It was good going to a couple of wedding.  Seeing tons of my friends.  Seeing lots of my family.  Visiting all my favorite old haunts and all that that's changed back home over the years.  THANKS AGAIN and I hope to be back soon and see everyone again!

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