Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Sun Was Out Run

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Outrun the Sun seemed to be a big success again this year, despite the rain.  The skies did clear up and lots of runners, walkers, families, and friends came out to enjoy the festivities.

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Volunteers getting everything set up

 photo 100_6395_zps74a89a1d.jpg
Excitement at the Kidzone!

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Megan and I volunteered to be road marshalls this year.  Here is the first batch of runners on Lake Road turning down Burnett.  

 photo 100_6398_zps5140cede.jpg
Moving right along

 photo 100_6399_zps5e5818e4.jpg
And now the mob!  Hundreds of racers pass by.  A great time was had by all.  For more information about Outrun the Sun and the Rochester Melanoma Action Group, please visit: http://www.melanomaaction.org

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The doe and two fawn are in the backyard just chillin.'

 photo 100_6390_zps35bb8f9f.jpg
I can't have guest visit and not try to entertain them.

 photo 100_6391_zpscdc75d50.jpg
WAIT!  I just want to bother you!

 photo 100_6392_zpsf0241b03.jpg
Tails up and they're off.

 photo 100_6393_zpsff321c0e.jpg
Sure, they run away when I come to see them.  But, when I'm trying to have a peaceful moment at my fire pit they terrorize me.  

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Megan and I had a mini-date to Rumi's Grill and Cafe (http://rumisgrillcafe.com/) at 2735 Monroe Ave in Brighton (the old Pizza Hut).  Here are a couple of beef flats, which is a flat bread with lots of veggies and spices.  And, not a bad deal at $2.95.

 photo 100_6388_zpsff765f7c.jpg
This is a Rumi's Doner, which is essentially a beef and lamb sub.  It was soooooo good.  I don't know if the locals know what to make of this place yet.  But, we felt adventurous and want to try it out.  It's a good Mediterranean/Turkish restaurant.  Rumor has it that they have a great breakfast.

 photo 100_6400_zpsdf82df80.jpg
Happy Birthday Dick!  Megan made a delicious cake that had many adventures in my car

 photo 100_6402_zpsa7d401f4.jpg
Bailey's BBQ Sauce from Fruitport, Michigan!  This is really the gift that keeps on giving.  First as food and now as a vase.  

 photo 100_6384_zps5309a644.jpg
Midget parking?  Saw this at Yotini's Yogurt Shop, which hasn't opened yet last time we walked by.  Never know what you'll find wandering the neighborhood.

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Court Street Bridge over the Genesee River with the Freddy Sue Bridge (Frederick Douglass-Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge) in the background.

 photo 100_6385_zpsaf5e137b.jpg
Broad Street Bridge.  This is one of the more interesting things about downtown Rochester.  For those that don't know, the first level of arches use to be the Broad Street Aqueduct of the Erie Canal.  It carried barge traffic from the Erie Canal over the river.  In the 1920s, it was converted for use for the subway system and the top level was added for automobile traffic.  There's been talk about opening the bottom level up to the public with a walkway, stores, and other projects.  

That's about it.  The PGA Championship is in town at Oak Hill Country Club.  Megan and I plan on stopping over at there to see a practice round.  

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