Tuesday, August 20, 2013

7 Things To Make Up For Last Weekend...

We met another one of our fine neighbors.  This is Kiki the Yorkie.  She was barking in the middle of the road.  Megan crouched down and said "Here puppy" and she ran over and lept into her lap.  Fierce guard dog.  She's back home with her loving family.

 Kiki likes laps

Kiki does like the grass

Thanks to Jen, we went to a Western New York Flash (http://www.wnyflash.com/) game.  This is outside at Sahlen Stadium 

Pretty good seats! 


Abby Wambach penalty kick.  Did not go, but we did see her head in another goal earlier in the game.

Baby deer update:  They are all good.  Had a little bit of a scare last Saturday finding a fawn hit by a car on Five Mile Line Road.

Megan at Irondequoit Creek in Linear Park

Me at the same place

That is a really red sweatshirt...

Sgoh-Sa-Is-Thah.  Saw this sign on the other side of Irondequoit Creek when we were wandering around finding new paths.

 Moving!  Not us again (thank god).  Dave and Alison got a new place and we helped them move.

Megan in "Mom's Attic" resting once everything was unloaded.

 Stella seems to like the new house

Stella's also tired from a long day of moving...

Yotini's finally opened up near us (just northwest of the intersection of Penfield (441) and Five Mile Line Road at Liberty Street).  Haven't tried it yet.  Lots of yogurt shops going in lately.

And, you know what this means.  The Battle Against Beige Tyranny continues at the Bell/Kraus household.  The first coat is up and we'll finish it up this weekend.  

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