Tuesday, July 30, 2013


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"I'm difficult" with "Most difficult."  Only a matter of time before the apprentice becomes the master...

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MEER MEER ME MEER!  You mean we're going to eat pizza and play board games!  Beeker is excited
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Bonfire means one thing, Aunt Megan has S'more supplies!

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Rachel ponders the deer and two fawn she just saw.  Wonders if the fawn would be willing to join the slumber party and snuggle.

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Nothing like a little Palace, Garbage, and Go Fish card games before going to bed.

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CHOCOLATE JELLY WAFFLES!  Some little girl really loves her Aunt Meg

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Aunt Meg and Rachel working on their arts and crafts project

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A skeleton vase!

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Even the garbage is art!  We hope you had a lot of fun with us Rachel.  We hope you had fun on your really belated b-day slumber party!

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On another note, when did Megan and I buy a boat?
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The gang's all here.  Nothing like walking along the Erie Canal in Fairport and finding a fun pontoon boat.  I'd like to take this ship from Buffalo to NYC.  

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Cap'n of da ship! 

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YEAH!  FRIED TURKEY!  Or, someone is starting a meth lab...  This is you start thinking when you watch Breaking Bad.  

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