Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Marriage Bliss

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HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY MEGAN!  What better way to celebrate than a Chicago Omelette at the New Yorker Restaurant (165 W. Commercial St. E. Rochester, NY)?

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Not to be outdone, got myself the Banana Nut Rum French Toast.  We'll need the energy for the days next activity

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Picked up a kayak at the Erie Canal Boat Company (http://www.eriecanalboatcompany.com/)

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Don't know about the Erie Canal and why it's important?  Don't worry, there's a wikipedia page for that: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erie_Canal

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Luckily, this was the only sunny weather we've had in the last three weeks

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Paddling back to Fairport from Macedon.  

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A Turtle.  Saw quite a bit of wildlife: heron, hawks, fish and all sorts of stuff I wasn't quick enough to take pictures of...

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We're back.  Oddly enough, when we pulled up to the dock there was a lady with a still and video camera that wanted to interview us.  There's a guy by the name of John Robinson that is biking the Erie Canal and making a documentary about it.  Interesting story and I'm sure we'll end up on the cutting room floor.  But, I suggest checking it out at Our Ability (http://www.ourability.com/)

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Now to the serious business of getting ice cream

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If you know Megan, you know she takes ice cream very seriously...

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream (before being committed).  Moonlight Creamery (http://www.moonlightcreamery.com/) is one of the best and most interesting ice cream places I've ever been to.  They're all about the environment.  And, it's the first time I've ever had Kenyan Mango something or another and whatever the second scoop was.  Highly recommended.

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And, what better way can you end a day than dinner on the patio at Richardson's (http://www.richardsonscanalhouse.net/)?

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Tree stump art along the canal at Richardson's.  There's a lot to look at while having a few drinks along the canal: the lighthouse, log cabins, pine trees, and all sorts of little details.  I will have to do some research on this.


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Other pressing business: Penfield 4th of July fireworks on June 29th (what can I say, they don't procrastinate).  Pretty impressive display and I have to wait until next year to experience the parade that passes my house.

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Whoa man!

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It seems this firework was about to attack my face...

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Embers of my long dormant fire pit.  When will it finally stop raining so we can have S'mores?

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Our pet deer.  They are not scared of us.  They don't care about us.  They may actually have the deed to our house.

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This part is for Dee, the flower expert: What are these?  This one is from our yard.

 photo 100_6302_zps749a2220.jpg

These are from our yard too (and not photoshopped either)

 photo 100_6296_zpsccdc20a7.jpg

Not from our yard, but Megan would like them to be.

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Glad Megan didn't see this guy floating past us in the Erie Canal...

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Yotini's yogurt about to open up on July 10(ish).  I guess this will be a new stop on our walk to the library and back.

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Poor Athena can't get this monkey off her back...

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