Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving In Manistee

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorite holidays. Just hang out, eat food, and watch football. Way better than X-mas. WAAAY Better...

Megan at the Nummerdor Cabin up in Manistee, Michigan.

Brian, Nick and Andrew plotting a fire

Karli giving the gang sign for the Van Buren Boys Gang (Seinfeld reference).

Karli sporting her new watch.

Gathering around the fire

Brian, Katie, Andrew, and Karli

Anyone who knows the Nummerdor Cabin knows the Kozy Kitchen. I like the two egg meal with meat and potatos for $5.65

The description above describes it all...

Looks like a normal house, right?

Just a thousand or so bottles stacked on their side makiing up the walls of the house.

A totem pole of a man with a beaver on his head outside of the bottle house.

Andrew and Nick inside the Bottle House/Kaleva Historic Museum reviewing every class that has ever graduated from Kaleva High School.

Here's a creepy student that model of "Gary," which it what a student at Kaleva High School would have looked like.

Tennessee in his hunting gear at the Cabin

Campfire with Tennessee in foreground

Brian and Nick

Cliff on the hog

Hiking in the Manistee National Forest. The trail we're on runs from Delaware to Montana (if I remember correctly).

Megan of the Northern Woods.

So, we bought frozen pizza and then there was no gas for the stove. Hmmm. So, Tyler helped rig up a hobo grill and baked some good pizza. Somehow it worked and the pizza was great. Otherwise, it was going to be Wheat Thins for dinner...

Jared, Tyler, and Mike Nummerdor at the campfire. We spent a lot of time at the campfire.

Karli and Tennessee keeping warm in the cabin.

Mike Nummerdor looks like a wizard from Harry Potter. He's melting a milk jug.

Now the wizard is lighting off bottle rockets.

Nick finally caught Tennessee so we can get breakfast.

Brian, Katie, and Andrew on Dale's log

Andrew and Steve shooting pool.

Brian on some kind of scientific expedition.

Brian shooting a potato gun full of a bag of sand.

Katie, Andrew, and Nick on the side of Big M. This hill use to be a ski hill, but now it's a part of the Manistee National Forest.

Karli reaching the summit of Big M.

Mike Nummerdor posing for a monument to be dedicated to him in the future.

Megan with the vast expanse of Michigan behind her.


Mike Nummerdor gazing at the Northern Woods

Megan scaling down Big M

Brian taking a break after coming down Big M

This is Ian. He greeted us at Zeppi's Pizza in Brethren, Michigan. He was a pretty funny kid. He liked my keys and tried to steal them from me.

Nick, Katie, Matt, and Tyler at the final campfire before going home...

The Booty Hunter prepares to head back to Chicago...

It was a great Thanksgiving and a HUGE thanks to Nick and Mike Nummerdor for the invite to the cabin!!!


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