Monday, September 4, 2006

Booze Cruise.

OFFICIAL BUSINESS: Monday Night Klub - Chicago Chapter restarts September 11th, 2006. We are looking for a good place with cheap food and drinks. Have any ideas? If not, we'll go to Clio's near Western Ave. on Chicago Ave. Hope to see you there!

Chicago from the locks during the Cornerstone Booze Cruise.

Adam, Roberto, Jason, Nick, and Katherine at the front of the ship


Handsome Roberto.

Dance party!

Miss Megan!

This girl knew how to dance.

Vincent and Megan

Man girl, you dance like a crazy woman! Yeow!


Kineta flashing gang signs. She's thug

Pam. Sorry Pam! I was sleeping when you came by my apartment the other day. We'll hang out soon.

Adam and Laia. You don't fool me.

What I like about Adam is he's a nice guy who's really relaxed about everything. He also spills alcohol on himself. Much like I do. Adam, you are cool and I owe you $10 for the burger...

Pam, Kineta, and Jordan. I believe Kineta is doing some kind of "noodle" pose.

Me and Pam


Adam, Rebekah, Carl, and Laia!

Really nice sunset at Fullerton and Clark in Lincoln Park.

Jordan, Tim, and Laia at Jordan's "I'm gettin' the hell away from CAF" party. Goodbye Jordan.

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