Monday, July 31, 2017

Rows of Lavender In Provence

Rows of Lavender In Provence, 2017
acrylic paint on canvas board
8" x 10" (20.3cm x 25.4cm)
© copyright Mike Kraus

Your home is an extension of your personality.  And using original artwork is a great way to show that individuality.  With a little effort, you could greatly enhance your home's status by showcasing original art in your living spaces.  Here's a tip to consider when choosing artwork.

What about my style?  Do you like clean lines and a modern look?  Something messy, abstracted, and bold might add interest into your home.  Are you more traditional and love Victorian design?  Perhaps a gallery wall of paintings with unique frames would look great.  If you choose a bright, bold piece, other items in the space should be minimal.  If your space is already very busy, a simple piece may make the best statement.  And feel free to mix family heirlooms with contemporary pieces.  Maybe put a thrift store painting in a modern frame.  Use depth, texture, trends, traditions, complimentary, and contrasting items to create visual interest...  (more at:

This painting would look best in an average sized space.  The suggested wall colors are dark red, orange, light yellow, green, blue, black, white, gray, beige, or wood.

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