Saturday, October 22, 2016

Danube Reflection - Český Krumlov, Czech Republic and a Little Bit of Linz, Austria

Vítejte v České republice! Europe may no longer have border checks, but you are required to pull over to a duty free shop and take a shot of Becherovka when entering the Czech Republic. Here's our guide, Michael, passing out our obligatory drink at 9am. The liquor is commonly drank at all time of the day for digestive health, contains a variety of herbs, and is 38% alcohol.

VÍTEJTE do Českého Krumlova! Cesky Krumlov was settled by mostly Germans when building started in 1240. Various monarchs and their nobility owned the town and castle until 1945. Since the fall of the Communist government in 1989, the town has been under restoration.

View of Castle and town

Náměstí Svornosti (Square) - Is that another plague column I see?

Walking down Soukenická Street

The building to the right housing Jakub restaurant was constructed in the 14th century and the exterior was painted by Josef Palouda 

"Mirror, mirror tell me who is the most beautiful in the world?" Just a bit of street art.

Strolling down Široká Street

Castle Tower - While parts of the structure were started in the 13th century, it's current state was built in the 1590s to update the castle to a Renaissance style. 

Another view of the tower.

Latrán Street

More Latrán Street

Arch over the street for the monarchs. It was a skyway for royalty so they didn't have to mingle with regular people.

Sv. Jošt (St Jobst) Church steeple, which is now the home to the Marionette Museum

Courtyard of the castle.

Another courtyard

There's Dick checking out the souvenir shop.

Castle Theater - We were fortunate enough to view this Baroque theater. Constructed in 1680, it's so delicate that it's only used 3 times a year and only a handful of people are allowed to view it for tours each week. Everything in here is original. They even have the special effects equipment and costumes. Only the candles have been replaced with candlelight simulated electric lights because of fire hazard. This is someone else's photo I found on the internet.

View of Cesky Krumlov on the banks of the Vltava River from the castle.

One last look at a remarkably beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site.

WILLKOMMEN IN LINZ, ÖSTERREICH! This is the Hauptplatz (Main Square) in Linz, Austria. I'm not positive, but I'm guessing that's another "thank you for letting us survive the plague" momument. 

Front door of the cathedral

Strolling down Altstadt Street

View of church steeple down Hofgasse Street

Possible Plague Pillar in Hauptplatz with Alter Dom (Old Cathedral) in the background.

Video of the ARS Electronica Center changing colors. Unfortunately, the cruise took off before I could capture the other shapes and designs of the building.

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