Sunday, July 17, 2016

A 1,000 Reasons To Love The Thousand Islands

Megan and I headed up to the Thousand Islands ( for a camping vacation.  Just a short drive to Burnham Point State Park ( between the towns of Cape Vincent and Clayton.

 Scout can't wait for an adventure

"Why is Mike taking so long getting supplies?"

Megan surveying Carleton Island and the St. Lawrence River from our campsite. 

She seems pleased with our spot 

Introducing Scout to waves.  I guess she's never seen them before...

Our new home 

Burnham Point State Park from the pier 

Megan loves this really fast slide built into the hill. 

Scout taking it easy in her coastal condo. 

 The first of many campfires

Eating well at the campground.  It's always scary for Megan to see what I'll come out with from the store before camping.  The menu for this trip was pizza, steak stir fry, brats, smores, and an assortment of snacks.

Sun setting over Carleton Island.

Waking up early camping sponsored by Taste of Design Cafe ( in Cape Vincent.

Spent too much time looking for a camping percolator, found one, still have no idea how to use it, it broke, and then had to return it.  We learned our lesson and just went to the cafe.  

PS-the almond croissants are amazing.

More of the 1,864 islands of the Thousand Islands from Clayton. 

Went on a day trip to Wellesley Island State Park ( hiking and the first thing we see when we pull in are a huge nest full of Osprey (

 Hiking along Eel Bay

It must be a quiet place to live on Mosquito Island. 

The Zebra Mussels have done a wonderful job cleaning the water.

Views to Canada from atop Wellesley Island 

The Narrows between Wellesley Island and Murray Isle.

And finishing a day of hiking at the swimming beach was a great idea.

All that walking killed Scout...

Another beautiful evening.

Boldt Castle ( in Alexandria Bay.  

One of countless freighters in the Saint Lawrence River. 

Boldt Castle with another freighter. 

Megan and Scout on Casino Island.  She's not our dog, she's our fur-baby.  This picture is not incriminating... 

More huge houses on little islands.

A Canada Steamship Lines ( freighter up close. 

A surprisingly interesting and beautiful place to visit was the Zenda Farms Preserve ( just west of Clayton, NY.   

"This isn't kindling wood, it's my chewing stick pile..." 

"I wasn't sure I liked camping until I realized there was steak..."

A parade of geese checking each campsite for bread. 

Probably the best sunset photographs I've ever taken. 

 Great way to finish up a vacation.

Scout and I dreaming about our next adventure.

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