Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Finger Lakes Anniversary


To bring back a little bit our our honeymoon in Portugal, Megan made us Francesinhas.  Mmmm...  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francesinha

And you have to have some Port wine and a bag of cookies too, right?

To celebrate, we headed down to Naples.

The Finger Lakes have a lot of art and antique shops.  The entire store is just like this porch.

Now this is art.  A wood sculpture of a lumberjack.  BRILLIANT!

Bob 'n" Ruth's.  I have to say this is probably one of the most entrepreneurial businesses I've seen in a while.  Not only is it an old fashion diner, but it has fine dining in the back, a bar, an ice cream stand, and a vineyard.  Probably more.

This is called the Famous Piccadilly Circus Sandwich or something like that.  Toast with ham, turkey, bacon, tomatoes, with some kind of cheese sauce.  Good way to prepare for the day.

First Church Cemetery was right next to Bob 'N' Ruth's.  And, for some reason, I am fascinated with old cemeteries.

Samuel Parish died 30 years before Michigan was even granted statehood.

John Hinckley, drummer.  Ancestor of Reagan's attempted assassin?

Jabez.  Now that's a name to remember

I didn't see many Revolutionary War anything growing up in the Midwest.

Megan really liked this stone because it says "also."  I thought it'd be better if it said "PS-My wife's here as well."

Grimes Glen.  It's way more interesting that this sign sounds...  http://www.co.ontario.ny.us/Facilities/Facility/Details/Grimes-Glen-Park-11

Grimes Creek

Grimes Creek has slashed through the rolling hills of slate.  Lots and lots of slate.

A literal riverwalk.  At some point, the trail ends and you walk through the shallow river.

A sixty foot waterfall.  One thing I've learned about Upstate New York is they have a lot more waterfalls than I could imagine.  A man from Kansas City and I discussed this for a little bit.

It looks like a champagne fountain.


Showing off her yoga.

It's like an ad for the Prana Sleep bed or something.

Oh memories.

My turn.  The girl is not impressed...

A perfect trail on a hot day.

Lots of trees clinging to the side of the slate cliffs that are about 200 feet high.

Oh look.  Another waterfall!

Hard to believe that this wasn't a park until 2008.

She loves me.

Crazy pattern from the water wearing away the slate.

Hobo garbage can at the base of the falls.  What a let down...

A great place to picnic.

Back at the first falls.

Lots of ripples

I really like the fish bridge.

To Arbor Hill (http://www.thegrapery.com/) for a wine tasting!

Onward toward Canandaigua!
More views of Canandaigua Lake

This is from Onanda Park (http://www.townofcanandaigua.org/onandaenjoy.htm) for another hike.

Good vibes Brandon Sherman...

This life is all you.  Lots of inspiration at the cliff overlook.

Topenga '13, eh?  Guess someone really liked Boy Meets World...

Riverbed at the base of the park.

Just so you know, there is a wikipedia page for rock balancing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_balancing

And you guessed it.  Another waterfall...

Canandaigua Lake from the city of Canandaigua.

Nice day to have a boat.

Squaw Island.  It's the smallest NY state park and site of the formation of the Seneca Indian Nation when their land was invaded.

Back to the boathouses

For the history of the boathouses, visit: http://www.canandaiguaboathouse.com/history.php

I really like the boathouses.  It's probably the Old World feel to them.

On to the New York Wine and Culinary Center (http://www.nywcc.com/) for dinner and drinks at the Upstairs Bistro.

Mmm...  Potato Soup.

Megan had the Rabbit Special.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich.

What a great way to celebrate four years of a great marriage!

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