Monday, February 10, 2014

About Three Streets Down Memory Lane You'll Find Punk Rock Drive. Can't Miss It...

NoFX at Warped Tour '98 in Pontiac, Michigan.  We had backstage passes because of the 'zine.  One of these pictures has my friend Sandy in them, but I can't find her right now.  Fat Mike is probably taunting the crowd.

El Hefe doing the box jump exercise while playing guitar. 

El Hefe again 

I have to say these are pretty good shots considering that I was probably using a disposable camera.   

Best seats I've ever had for a concert.

Jim Lindberg, lead singer of Pennywise.

Randy Bradbury, bass for Pennywise

Now for shows slightly smaller than Warped Tour.  This is a show we organized at McGraft Park in Muskegon.  The officer sat in the parking lot behind the stage for about 45 minutes in his car while we had our performance.  Rapper's Guild was on stage when he walked up to the stage and stood their for a while.  After a couple of songs, he suddenly started to unplug all the microphones, amps, guitars, and all.  Was yelling about something.  We showed him our permits and everything to which he started making up nonexistent laws.  Eventually, the park manager got involved and we were allowed to go on with the show.

A meeting of the minds with J.T. Law, Rapper's Guild, and the Muskegon Police Department.  I forget who else played that day (sorry if it was your band).  I do remember trying to set this all up for a couple of bands touring from Florida or something.  We were suppose to meet in the Meijer parking lot beforehand.  They never showed up and never replied when I contacted them afterwards.  Weird show all the same...

Impromptu J.T. Law reunion show in the basement of the infamous Mastodon House in Kalamazoo.  

How many shows did I organize at Palmer Hall?

Fold at Palmer Hall in 2002.  

 Me, Nick Nummerdor, Jen Kelenske, Mike Nummerdor, and Jared Passinault in beautiful Michigan City, Indiana on our way to Chicago.

These were our mug/lost children shots.  If you've ever watched The Simpsons, you know what this town is like.  The nuclear power plant in the center of the city is only one similarity.

 Jared knocking back another Bubba Cola in the hotel

All of us at the Queers, Screw 32, Groovie Ghoulies, and Alkaline Trio show at the Metro in Chicago..  

Brandon "Bubba" Ogborn with a rocket launch behind him.  I forget how I came in possession of this photo, but I did.

Rick Johnson of the Wack Trucks, The Skeptics (The Ska Kings of Muskegon), and half the other bands that were on stage that night is getting ready to play at the Schism Zine One-Year Anniversary Show at the Walker Community Center in North Muskegon.  Rick's now in Mustard Plug

Misled Youth on stage at the anniversary show. 

The Skeptics (?) on stage at the anniversary show.  

The Bounty Hunters headlined the anniversary show.  Unfortunately, I don't have photos of all the other bands that played that night.  There were 7+ bands playing to hundreds of people for six hours or so.  

Another batch of photos digitally preserved...

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