Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Greetings From the Polar Vortex!

Nothing like -2 degree weather with -25 degree wind chill.  POLAR VORTEX!  It's the first time I've ever had to scrap the ice off the inside of my car windows too.


After.  This was from the previous snowstorm.  Nothing like shoveling a ton of snow and waking up to shovel another ton of snow.

 The backyard is a frozen wasteland.

Plans for New Year's Eve fell through.  So, ordered some pizza from Headliner's (http://headlinerspizza.com/).  

If I wasn't sold on Headliner's before, I certainly am now.  SLICE THE SIZE OF A NEW BORN!  Who ever does their marketing is a genius.

Mmmm...  Pre-mixed vodka a Gatorade on sale at the liquor store.  How convenient.

New coffee mug around the ol' house.  This is what I look like before my caffeine.

 After I've added some coffee.  Nothing like a heat activated cup o' joe.

And now for the misadventures of Scout.  This week's episode: Discovering the Lost Underworld of the Couch. 

It won't be long before she won't fit under there anymore.  I'm just waiting for her to go after her ball and start crying because she's stuck.  

This is what happens when you can't go outside...

That's all.  Hope everyone back in Michigan and Chicago are keeping safe in warm.  All's well over here.

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