Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ned Stark Was Right, "Winter Is Coming."

 Look at all that snow on the trees.  It really came down for Thanksgiving.  While I missed seeing friends and family in Michigan, I am so happy I didn't have to drive in that mess.  That and that the power was only out for 8 hours (7 of which I slept through).


 That's a nice cap on the light.  Glad I didn't have to drive for a few days and Megan parked at the end of the driveway.  Saved myself from a bit of shoveling.

 The deer stopped by to check out the tree limb that fell down.  Guess we'll have plenty of firewood for next summer.

If you want to know where Calvin and Hobbes live, let me know.  This is the best part about living in this neighborhood.

Not too much else to report.  Thanksgiving was good.  I now know what 10 pounds of mashed potatoes looks like.  Lots of chores.  Lots of relaxation.  Trained the dog to ring some bells when she needs to go to the bathroom.  Success...

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