Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Imagine How Many People Would Read Your Blog If You Wrote Something Interesting..."

Scout's level of misery captured in this photo says what we are all thinking about the first snowfall of the season.  

 So much for raking the leaves...


Deer scavenging for food in my backyard. 

Hmmm...  Maybe I'll have to rake with a shovel. 

This fella found a good spot under a pine tree in the backyard.   

Really?  REALLY...

 One sad puppy after getting spayed.  Lots of whimpers and snoring.

There were a couple times I had to check if she was still breathing or needed an Exorcist... 

Passed out at the bar 

 Nothing like having to hold your dog like a baby.

She was like this for the next few days. 

"What the hell did they give me?"  Scout meets Josephine the rabbit.  Oddly, they seem to really like each other. 

This is how we roll 

 The Demon Dog is back and took out Dave.  He's lucky that he still has a face after this.

So, there's your snow report from a dog.  

Happy Birthday to my sister Lisa and my Grandma Marlyn (and get well soon).  Saw Warhorse at the Auditorium (Thanks Dick and Marianne), which was a great production with amazing puppetry.  That is all...

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