Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Embarrassing Things I Know...

A sign of the times. The firemen on Elston Avenue recently removed their x-mas decorations. I imagine one nice thing about working at the fire department is readily available ladders and people who know how to use them safely.

For those of you who doubted me, at the bottom left is 7-11's "Cheeseburger Hot Dog." It may just be a really old normal hot dog. But, it does exist...

Best $4 calendar ever. Look at January. The one on the left is very coy...

Show off...

Megan's toes before work.

Rosie and Megan at the L & L before the comedy show

They are much more attractive in the photo.

Frances and Noah

Two Mikes and a Frances

Megan with her trophy popcorn from the comedy show. Rosie got us free tickets to Maria Bamford. THANKS ROSIE!

Why is this trophy popcorn? Because this was the trivia price given for the right answer:

Announcer: "For a bucket of popcorn, what is the name of the cafe..." Megan's hand shoots up, "on the television show 'Frasier?' Yes, you!" pointing to Megan.
Megan: Leans to me, "What's the answer?"
Me: "Cafe Nervosa."
Announcer: "Correct! How do you know this stuff?"

The conservatory in Lincoln Park

A plant from the set of Star Trek (not the new remake of the old Star Trek. The original).

Guess the name of this plant.

Sports fans, do you know this plant?

Named in honor of the multiple Stanley Cup champions

If you could read this sign, it would tell you the name if this plant is "Fire Bush."

Andean Bear

This Andean needed a good back scratch

This little hippo was playing with the kids or... trying to break out...

Nothing like a bucket of aardvark...

Upset lion.

That's about it from now. On Thursday, I'm going to the Chicago Auto Show's First Look For Charity for work. So, that should be cool. Me is a suit looking at snazzy cars. Megan's in Rochester right now for a funeral. So, tonight is my night to play Madden in my boxers eating nachos. No wedding info update probably for a couple weeks when we check out the venues and all. It also depends on how disgusting I am after a day of Madden in my boxers eating nachos...



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