Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Those Were Simpler Times Indeed

Nick on X-mas. We hung out with them after going to Megan's bosses party earlier. Her boss was getting ready for the party and saw Rod Blagojevich in front of his house huffing and puffing from jogging. When he walled up, he asked, "are you okay?" hoping he wasn't going to have a heart attack or something.
"Yeah! The truth will come out," says Blago.
"Oh, okay, well keep your head up." was his uplifting reply. Then a black SUV rolls up. A man yells out, "Are you okay sir." Blago nods and continues his run.
In this picture though, Nick is playing Mexican Train.

A Pickle Pult is the best kind of heat to pack.

Here's the ammo

Here's a good beer from Wisconsin. It was established in 1848 or something. It's sad when people from 1848 were remembering "Simpler Times." I imagine it going like this:
"Remember when we didn't have paved roads, sewers, and outhouse?"
"Ah yes, simpler times..."

Eric and Nick having some Pete's Pizza. A deep dish, of course, while we're celebrating New Years at Goldie's

Christie and Eric flashing the 2-double zero-9
Nick wearing his "BOOZ" glasses

Megan says to Mike, "Ohhhh, let's take a picture now before we look ugly!"

Eric looks like he's from some scary movie based on New Years 2009. Like "Hellraiser: New Years Resolution."


This just makes it look the the best night ever! Christie, Eric, Katherine, Nick, and Megan are all so excited!

Somehow, our facial expressions are exactly the reverse of what they really were in this picture.

This is the image going on our wedding invitations...

Spent last weekend up in Muskegon visiting the parents and the grandparents. I no longer know where anything is. Did you know Target is in Fruitport and a Walmart in Norton Shores? The world is topsy-turvy...

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