Wednesday, December 3, 2008

T-day in Rochester, New York

Megan and I having our traditional dinner at Midway Airport

When in Rochester/Buffalo, do as the Rochestarians/Buffalonians do. This is the 10th anniversary edition of Flutie Flakes.

When Megan was doing her x-mas shopping, we saw a bunch of people in these at Brookstone (or something like that) at the mall. Her dad got one and Megan decided to try it out. We thought it was suppose to massage the feet, but it really is a "foot crusher" instead.

This is Watkins Glen, which is near Rochester. It's somewhat like Starved Rock in the Chicago area. On top of this large, steep hill is a really old cemetery where Megan's family has a lot of relatives buried dating from the late 1700s to late 1800s.

Here is the glen at Watkins Glen. Interesting thing I've learned from going to these places is that gorge, glen, dell, and canyon are all different names for the same thing. They define each other...

Megan overlooking the glen with her dad and Marianne in the background

Marianne and Megan on the bridge over the glen

This is pretty much good advice in most populated places...

Megan and I at the glen. It was pretty cool. It's too bad that the walk below was closed because of ice on the stairs and icicles falling onto the path. I guess it gives me a reason to go to Rochester when it's not winter...

BUFFALO BILLS! This is my 4th Bills game and I'm beginning to think that this officially makes me a Bills fan. I've only been to a couple of Lions games and they are terrible. Plus, I don't live in Michigan anymore and who wants the embarrassment? The Chicago Bears are a good team and I like their style of football. It's all about the defense. But, I've only been to a couple of their games (one against the Bills. All the other football games I've been to have been high school. So...

Tailgating at the CBG (Conklin's Bar & Grill). The menu this time included sausages, hamburgers, and wings (official Buffalo Wings).

Inside this converted bread truck is the bar portion of the bar and grill

I like the superhero Bills fan in red. It's a sporty look.

The bar in the club level of Wilson Stadium

Pre-game. I really like Wilson Stadium because it's very intimate. It doesn't feel like you're a million miles away from all the action, like lots of newer stadiums. Also, the cheerleaders are called the "Buffalo Jills." There's nothing more entertaining than watching girls trying to dance sexy in snowmobile suits.


Obligatory us pic

If you look at the top of the last pic, you will see this guy. HILARIOUS! If you live in the Buffalo area and know this guy, send this to him.

Back to Chicago. Work up on Monday morning at 4am (eastern) to catch a 6am (eastern) flight to Midway. Landed at 7am (central). Took the Orange Line train to the Loop. Transfered to the Brown Line. (continued on the next photo)

...Made it to my office by 8am (central). It was a long day with lots of coffee.

It was a great T-day weekend. Some time off work. Lots of great food. I would have had a billion pics of food if I didn't think it would freak out the Bell Family too much. The T-Day dinner was great. Michael's Valley Grill had some of the best ribs I've ever tasted. The Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel had a good restaurant that had a good chicken sandwich. Food @ Fisher's Station was really good. It reminded me a lot of places in northern Michigan because it was a restaurant in an old green house. Get the 2-2-2 if you are there. It's where Megan's dad asked me "if I have a hallow leg." ">Max's of Eastman Place had great chicken and duck. The potatoes and appetizers were awesome as well. Then Megan's friend's Sarah and Pete made flank steak with zucchini and baked potatoes. It was all so good and I probably won't eat for a month because of it. I probably gained about 20 lbs. in 4 days. Besides, her family is extremely, very nice to me and her niece provides us with hours of entertainment. Now, I allow myself to think about the next holiday. Saint Nick's Day is Saturday...

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