Tuesday, July 15, 2008

These Summer Days In Chicago...

I guess I forgot to put this one up last week. Megan was very upset. It's us at Johnny and Ruth's wedding at Michilinda Lodge along Lake Michigan

Megan and I went for a walk in Wicker Park and discovered this bizarre public school sculpture...

At my favorite grocery store, I found "Super Atomic Cake." If it wasn't $30, I'd buy it and see if it lived up to its name. It must have "yellow cake" uranium in it. You know, some of the weapons of mass destruction that the Bush Admin. lied about in Iraq? Oh political humor...

Some of the skateboards given out at the event by the Chicago Youth Skateboard Project. I guess it went well. Unfortunately, I couldn't go...


Nick, Andrew, and Frances

SME and Cliff


Noah, Nick, and Nate. The three N's...

Why do you look so sad Amanda?

Brent and Angela

This is the Old Town School of Music's Roots and Folk Music Festival. It's a good festival. The weather held out and kept people away, but it was enjoyable this year.

The music area with the Seltzer Library in the background

I believe this band's name was "Unibrow."

This was a Columbian group and they sang about gas prices. They must really hate the cost of gas since Columbia highly subsidizes gas since they nationalized their oil resources and own the Citgo Oil Company.


The weird thing is I've seen a lot of clown balloon animal people things lately...

Playing with rope!

This is why Starbuck's Coffee costs $10 a cup. That's approximately $120 per gallon. If you buy their coffee, you lose your right to complain about gas prices. Anyway, look at this crazy display at the Lincoln Music Festival (name?). Megan and I refer to this at the "Cover Bar Band Festival." There's a lot of Dudebros and Hussies with hit or miss music...

Just an interesting shot

Some bad band

Some slightly better band

Here's a dinosaur cake from Dinkle's Bakery on Lincoln.

There's nothing like a creepy baby cake

Here's El Tinajon Restaurant in Roscoe Village at 2054 W. Roscoe. It's a really good place. They specialize in Guatemalan food

Here's my pork chop, which came with a billion plantains.

Here's Megan's Chicken dinner

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHERINE!!! Katherine celebrated her b-day at Goldie's in North Center at 3839 N. Lincoln. They're known for $3 wells, $1 PBRs, and $3 PBR pitchers. Coincidentally, it was Goldie's b-day the same night and they had balloons and a DJ.

I didn't really get this girl's name. Doreen? Torine? Her boyfriend's name was Noah and they were both nice from what I could tell over the obnoxiously loud DJ. Katherine's happy and Nick was around somewhere. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN KATHERINE!

So, I'm at Toys 'R Us and Governor Blagovich (sp?) is shopping there too. This is his security van. I couldn't get a picture of him unfortunately. But, when I bike to Megan's apartment, I pass his house with guards around it all the time. After he got elected, he put a little plastic Playskool playground thing in his front yard to remind voters that he's a "family" man.

A pretty city shot...

That's it from Chi-town.



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