Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Danube Reflection - Regensburg, Germany

WILLKOMMEN IN REGENSBURG! Megan and Dick having a couple beers at Degginger

Our last stop in the MS Savor

Steinerne Brücke (Old Stone Bridge) was constructed in the 12th century and was the only bridge over the Danube for 800 years. 

To the left is the Amberg Salt Store

Historische Wurstküche (Historic Sausage Kitchen) - Opened in 1146, it's probably the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the world.

Tower at the south end of the Old Stone Bridge.

Goliathhaus was constructed as a palace in the 12th century. Currently, it's being used as a theater and restaurant.

Document Reichstag Tower. It's the old city hall that's been converted into a museum.

Baumburger Turm (Baumburger Tower)- Is a 13th century palace. In Italy, many wealthy citizens built towers like this as fortifications in case of raids. In Regensburg, they took the idea and used it to display their power instead.

Part of Old Town Hall and Old Town Hall Square

Goldener Turn (Golden Tower) - This is another tower palace constructed around 1300. Two stories were added in the 1600s. In 1985, it was restored and turned into a student residence.

More shops of Kramgasse Street

Construction of the Cathedral started in the year 700. Completion was in 1520. So, it took over 800 years to build. Remember that the next time your project falls behind schedule...


Corner of Wahlenstraße and Gesandtenstraße

Neupfarrkirche is a Protestant church constructed in the square after the expulsion of the Jews and removal of the synagogue from the area.

Intersection of Gesandtenstraße and Untere Bachgasse

Strolling Untere Bachgasse Street

Reichsabtei Sankt Emmeram (St. Emmeram's Abbey) was founded as a Benedictine Monastery in 739. In 1812, it was converted into the a palace for the Thurn and Taxis family, which it remains to this day.

Interior of St. Emmeram's

One chill skeleton...

If I remember correctly, this was Napoleon's residence when he was in town. Now, it's the Beatnut's skateboard shop

This is why I don't drive in Europe. You can only go 20 kilometers per hour when driving your car into the river...

The next boat we're taking for a river cruise.

Goodbye MS Savor! The crew and staff were all so kind and amazing. We were really, really, really spoiled on this boat. And it was full of so many amazing people.

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