Friday, October 3, 2008


There's nothing like a political debate in a bar. A few of our friends set up watching the Obama/McCain debate at Goldie's in North Center. I hope Obama wins just for the awesome Chicago factor. I can see it now: Obama Park, Obama Avenue, Obama Diner.

Megan in her "model" pose with Veronica (?). Sorry, I forgot your name and didn't really talk to you at all. What I do remember is you would "marry a man in a Mariache (sp?) band."

Katherine. I watched her cat.

Working on the fire truck on a beautiful Fall Chicago day.

Here's the new Fullerton station on the Brown and Red Lines. I use to live on this stop from 2002-03 during college. Now, I work at this stop. It should be completed sometime in 2009 with the rest of the Brown Line.

The Maxwell (Des Plaines) Street Market has gone upscale. Here's part of the new grounds. For those who don't know, the Maxwell Street Market use to be on Maxwell Street. Then UIC decided to tear down the neighborhood for a new student living center. So, this 100+ year old market was forced to move and the city reluctantly let them exist. Then moved to Canal Street and then developers tore down the neighborhood and put in all new Staples, Whole Foods, and all. What that meant was then had the city force Maxwell Street Market to move... Again... This time, the city made a very smart, very Chicago move. They moved the market to Des Plaines and set the street up for it specifically. It's all marked off with room to grow. They actually give out permits now (which is good and bad if you ask me). But, at least it has survived!!!

Megan and I found Mike Nummerdor at the market. Rosie (his lady) bought the lovely globe pictured here.

By definition; heaven...

This looks like every alley your mother tells you "not to go down." I definately went and it was AWESOME!!!

My newest shirt. Of course, I ran a marathon. Little ol' asthmatic Mike turned into a ball of mucus for eight hours after reaching mile one. Actually, the Marathon takes place later and I will not be running it at all because I tend to stop breathing after a little more than a mile of running...

As of yesterday, I am now fully insured. So, if you have a grudge against me for whatever reason and want to do me physical harm, now is the time to do so.

I have a new Intel-based iMac. Does anyone have Photoshop and/or Quicken that they'd like to lend me?

I'm only going to watch TV tonight. Cubs against the Dodgers in Game 2. White Sox against the Rays in Game 1. Joe Biden against Sarah Palin in the ring.

No food reviews this week. Odd, eh? But, I did watch The French Connection with a young Gene Hackman. It was a decent cop movie. Probably the "The Departed" of it's time. It was alright. It kept my attention and it's great seeing 1970s New York.

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