Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jungle Art

Here's my Children's Expressions calendar at work. I could never make art like this. Come on, look at this. It's a witch using a Jedi Light Saber against Dracula while ghosts are watching. Classic!

This one's for Christyn. Megan and I went to Satay for dinner after some wedding gift shopping for Leslie and Andy. Andy, are you registered at AutoZone or something? Anyway, the food is quick, affordable, and pretty good.

The sign about says it all. The Art Walk Ravenswood is a fun annual event that a few of my friends participate. It's definately a fun event with lots of great arts and things to see.

Here's an 6' tall eagle from a bank building or something at Architectural Artifacts. I don't know if Bubba still works there. But, it's a great store. Basically, it's a lot of great big antiques and pieces of old building up for sale. If you want the facade of an old mansion, you can buy it here!

I think I found what I want to put in my livingroom. It's a counter from an old diner or bar

Close up of the diner/bar counter

The interior of an artists' studio

This guy looks like a guy I went to school with that also did pottery. Even wears the same hat. Weird...

Megan and I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden for "Harvest Fest" on Sunday. Neither of us have been up there before. Harvest Fest wasn't much, but the rest of the gardens are pretty awesome.

They had tips on how to grow pumpkins this large. So, it will be my hobby for next year...

This would be really cool for BBQs...

LOOK AT ALL THE DIFFERENT KINDS OF PUMPKINS! And there are like 40 more varieties!

How do you grow a banana tree somewhere as tropical as Chicago?

This is a field of roses. So, next time I need flowers for being a jerk, I know where to get them cheap...

Just like France...

Oh Swany McSwanerson

The church bell thing on Evening Island.

Oh la la

work that camera!

Inside the Regenstein Center gallery.

An Armadilla!

So, what's so amazing about this plant? Look below:


These plants don't really exist in real life. They are manufactured somewhere in China and used as lawn ornaments in southwestern America.


So, I watched Deathtrap starring Alfred from Batman (Michael Caine) and Superman (Christopher Reeves). Basically, it's a movie about people trying to kill each other in cleaver ways so they can take credit for writing a Broadway script. But, when I say "cleaver," I mean it in the way that the show Frasier is "cleaver" and "hilarious." It's pretty dry. Not really worth watching unless you want to see Alfred and Superman makeout...

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