Monday, August 8, 2016

Sunflower Field of Provence France

Sunflower Field of Provence France, 2015
Acrylic on Canvas
8" x 10" in a frame (20.3 cm x 25.4 cm in a frame)
© copyright Mike Kraus

This painting was featured at:
Canandaigua National Bank and Trust
210 Alexander Street
Rochester, NY 14607

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It was a late start from Avignon as we lingered at a cafe savoring our coffee and croissants.  A warm breeze with a sweet scent was blowing as we hiked our way toward Carpentras.  My backpack filled with necessities like snacks, water, and wine.  It will come in handy when we find a beautiful place to rest our worn feet.  Perhaps overlooking the rolling hills of sunflowers.

It's framed by Gianluca Moretti using yellow poplar wood, and finished with acrylic semi glossy. Gianluca is a woodworker that I partner with on Etsy. You can see more of his frames and more of his pieces at his shop located at:

This painting would look best in a space that is red, orange, light yellow, green, blue, violet, purple, brown, black, white, beige, or on wood.


For more information or custom order, please visit:

I'll be one of the artists at KettleFest 2016 on Saturday September 17th!

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