Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mike Kraus and the 21st Century!

So, after many years, another new milestone has been met. No longer am I rocking the 1999 iMac DV. As of this evening, I have the new iMac. It's so fancy, it took me 5 minutes to find the "on" switch. It's official: I am getting old.

Megan at the "Highway Oasis" on our way to camping in Lake Geneva

We got in just before dark. So, I had to use every precious moment putting up a tent and all and the first photo of the evening was this fire. In fact, it was such a good fire that some poor college couple from U of Wisconsin asked me to help them build their fire.

Megan admiring the fire

Here's our campsite. It was a bit like camping in someone's backyard, but it was nice.

Megan overlooking the great Lake Geneva

This is the narrowest beach I've ever seen...

Megan on "Romantic Bridge."

Me being "romantic."

A STEAMBOIT! Well, an old steamboat that use to deliver mail in the area.

We have to take a nice picture every once in a while...

Downtown Lake Geneva

Since the neighbor kids woke me up at 6am, I took an afternoon nap. Slowly but surely, I'm turning into my grandpa...

It was "Maxwell Street Market Days" in Lake Geneva. Unlike the original Maxwell Street Market (which was moved to Canal Street until developers chased them out. I guess it's on Des Plaines Street now) nothing here is shady or stolen...

While in town, we checked out Lake Aire Restaurant. It was a pretty good little greasy spoon.

Megan's so happy about food from Civilization!

I tried to resurrect last years "pictures with a statue" series. This is as close as I could get. They designed the pedestal well by having no traction.

Apparently Andy Gump is a famous comic strip and the creator was born here. I guess...

The Rivera.

For some reason, they had a keg of something suspended in the air in their park...

A view of downtown Geneva from some rich guy's backyard

The path from the lake to another rich guy's house

I like to go camping because I like to see wildlife. This was the first time in a long time I didn't see anything. The closest thing was these turtles and they were in the harbor in downtown.

The view from the public library overlooking the $6 admission beach

Megan working on dinner

Getting the grill all fired up

If these cups could talk, they would tell unbelievable stories about the travels they've been on and the horrible drinks they've endured...

Dinner was grill veal with some veggies.

Even non-civilized food was good!

That's right, I stayed at Big Foot Beach State Park, which had some creepy religious ceremony take place in the woods one night...

The handsomest man in all of Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

I highly suggest checking out the Olympic Restaurant. And, if you are a douchebag from Chicago, please do NOT bring your Starbucks coffee into the diner...

Rich guy home

Rich guy home

There's a public access path that goes all around Lake Geneva and lets people into rich people's backyards. I guess this path exists because in the old days, rich people wanted the streets to look nice by making their poor servants take the lake path hidden in their backyards. There's no aristocracy in America...

Rich guy home

Even richer guy home

From another angle

When I bought this towel sometime in high school for a dollar at a thrift store, it was ironic. Now, I look like one of those guys who loves them since they have a new album. The times are a changin'

A taste of Miami in Lake Geneva

FLUGTAG! What is this? Ever see the Red Bull Energy Drink commercials where people drive un-fly-able contraptions into the water from 3 stories up? This is it!

About 700,000 people showed up for this in Chicago in 2003. I haven't heard how many for this years yet. Take a guess...

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