Sunday, August 10, 2008

Time of the Feast!

Rich, Megan's brother, was in town for Lollapolooza. By his rockin' devil horns, you can tell he's more of a Rage fan than a Wilco fan.

Just a few of the other people that were there...

Here's where I now work at the Children's Memorial Foundation of the Children's Memorial Hospital. I love my new job. It is so awesome. Here are some things about my first week:

1) everything (ie toilet, sinks, door handles) is reachable at kid's height.
2) there are millions of inspirational stories about sick kids
3) We held a 36-hour Radiothon on 101.9FM the Mix
4) We had a BBQ in the park for lunch on Thursday followed by a Blizzard at Dairy Queen
5) There's a new $1 billion hospital going up in Streeterville (downtown Chicago) that will be complete sometime in 2012.
6) They are constantly feeding us: Since I've been there I've had Panera Bread for breakfast a couple times, Outback Steakhouse, Pizza from a nearby restaurant called Pizanno's or something, Chipotle Burritos, and lots I turned down.
7) All my co-workers are so nice and are overachievers. So, I really have to up my game.
8) On Thursday, we are having a retreat at US Cellular field which includes watching the Sox play against the Royal.


Stop by my office at B.015 sometime...

It's a little bare right now, BUT IT HAS A WINDOW!

One thing that's great about working at a place "where kids come first," is the fun stuff everywhere. It's great that my job encourages me to "play" because i naturally tend to do that anyway.

Here's the Radiothon in the lobby of the hospital

Here's a "trabby" (sp?). If I remember correctly, these are cars from Russia or Eastern Germany during the time of the USSR. When I was in Germany in 1997, they were all the rage for new kids learning to drive because they were very cheap. I want to say they cost only about 1000 marks, which was about $500 USD at the time.

Megan and Ronan at Ronan's going away party. It's the end of an era as Ronan moves to Houston to be with his lady and his great new job. It's a loss for us personally, but wish him all the luck of Ireland down in the heart of Texas!

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