Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hey Muskegon!

First time back in the Skee since T-day 07. So, here's what Megan and I did:

Megan at Lake Harbor Park. Unfortunately, there was a slightly cool breeze... Still nice though

Me and Megan

Nice sombrero!

Nothing wrong with a private paradise.

The theme of the weekend seemed to be "Jimmy Buffett."

The famous "Turtle" from Frosty Oasis seems to be like Heroin to Megan

Here we are at Kruse Park now.

As some of you know, Muskegon destroyed their downtown in the 70's by putting a roof over their main street to create a "mall," then bulldozed about 8 blocks or so for parking lots. After about 30-40 years, they realized that didn't work, so now they are trying to build a downtown again. Here's the old Comerica Bank building, which use to be part of the mall. It will be converted to condos, tax free until 2023, and pretty much the old Art Deco building in town, I think...

Here's another section of the old mall which use to be the old downtown. These are a few of the survivors.

The Century building somehow survived and now a furniture store.

The Frauenthal

This is by Richard Hunt. I never heard of him before this went up in downtown Muskegon. Now, I've seen him in a couple of places since he's a Chicago artist. Here's his website: http://www.richardhunt.us/ I'm a big critic when it comes to public art. The jury is still deliberating...

What a great name for a fudge company

Art Fair in Hackley Park with the Civil War Memorial

This is what I need to drive around in...

Pier at Pere Marquette Park

Channel to Muskegon Lake

Megan checking out the lighthouse

Muskegon Lake at sunset

The Cherokee Restaurant. All you need to know about this place is it's good food, cheap prices, and has nothing to do with Cherokee's: http://www.cherokeerestaurant.com/

I have to say, this is the first protest of any kind I've ever seen in Muskegon (Norton Shores). If there are protests here, it's time to bring the troops home...

My cousin Johnny Duff is married to Ruth. You may remember them from my trip to Miami last fall. The wedding took place on top of the dune at Michillinda Lodge: www.michillindalodge.com. Welcome to the family!!!

More lodge

Stairway to beach

Sparkly Lake Michigan

One of Ruth's relatives showing off on of their family traditions. They'll fit right in with our family...

My sister Lisa's new Boxer, Laila

Lisa with dog

At the El Bracero in Michigan City, Indiana, "We will be every day special."

Here's a nice little park on the Chicago River with a little waterfall. This is what I love about Chicago. You don't have to go far to find something interesting and nice you've never seen before. Everyday is a vacation...

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