Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Good Times While They Lasted

France, Noah, Megan and I went to Sticky Rice for some good curry

Frances and Noah

We moved the shindig over to the Savemore and hung out with Jason.

Obligatory stupid faces

Looking human again

Went to the Do Division Festival. Here's Mucha Pazza (sp?). Everyone says they like them, but I found them to be very boring very quickly. The concept: We are hipsters that dress up in old marching band uniforms and play all your favorite marching band songs from high school. I expected something a little more cleaver with all the effort that went into the costumes and instruments...

It was a nice day though...

Some things never change. This could have been taken yesterday or 1000 years ago...

People milling around the Cafe Gilato (sp?) parking lot

I love these carnie food stands at festivals

The Wicker Wash has been turned into a club. Inside, they had a DJ and lights and all. If you can't make money washing cars, just sell beer and dance!

Megan and I went for a walk and discovered the Bohemian National Cemetery where Mayor Cermak is buried. This is their old water tower.

This is the crematorium with a grave in front of it that says "mother." Who's mother wouldn't want to be the most prominent grave in a national cemetery?

This was the coolest part about the cemetery. About 1/3 of the graves had these old pictures on them printed on porcelain or something.

It's weird just popping up on another Kraus. I doubt they are related even if there was a Charles Kraus in the family. I believe he was born and died in Rozellville, Wisconsin. But, I did have quite a bit in Chicago. They weren't Bohemian though. Yet, there's is a Catholic cemetery across the street and I can see a relative of mine accidently buying a plot at the wrong cemetery and upon discovering this fact saying, "Ahhh, screw it!!"

If you've ever been to my place, Cherry House, in Grand Rapids you probably remember this fellow. It was the statue across the street in the tiny triangle park where the bums drink. This is to celebrate the Spanish-American War. The plaque in Grand Rapids is hilarious in a historical context because it talks all about how the US "liberated" Cuba and has a picture on a Cuban woman on her knees before an American soldier. Through our modern eyes knowing the US installed and supported a brutal dictatorship there which lead to the Communist revolution and the never ending embargo, it's a funny piece of history.

Creepiest... Porcelain... Picture... On... A... Grave... Ever... It's a picture of the woman buried at this site in her own coffin. This was the best picture her family had of her? Yikes!

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